badwolfrun asked:
Okay really though can we talk about rose tyler and how she was so determined to save the doctor and was so smart to think of looking in the heart of the TARDIS to find her way back to the Doctor and was so very brave when she absorbed the time vortex into herself and just rose being such an ordinary girl who became /extraordinary/ and just ughhhhhh I can't she's so perfect and when I get home I'm totally rewatching bad wolf/parting of the ways


Oh and can we also talk about how the TARDIS may have communicated with Rose while she opened the heart of the TARDIS and how the TARDIS and Rose definitely have a special connection? The TARDIS giving Rose all the hot water in the shower, making sure the kitchen is always stocked with Rose’s favorite foods, doing everything she can to make sure Rose feels right at home—cause the TARDIS is her home—and Rose taking care of the TARDIS too (tidying up and stuff like that)

Can we also talk about how Rose, despite having all the power in the freaking universe, thought only about helping the Doctor? She could have done anything with that power — anything — and all she wanted was her Doctor safe. Fucking selfless even with all the power of a god.

Also the TARDIS and Rose TOTALLY had a connection afterwards. And it got to the point where Rose would talk to the TARDIS when she was laying in bed at night, and one night the Doctor is walking down the hall and hears Rose talking in her room and he thinks she’s talking in her sleep but he listens and realizes she’s talking to the TARDIS and his hearts swell up with happiness because nobody except Susan has really accepted that the TARDIS is a real living being, and he loves seeing his girls getting along so well.


madammaxime asked:
Ain't nobody got time for people who don't like rose


yes, exactly. :)